Day 54 - Harrison to Cincinnati OH

Tuesday April 16, End of Day Total Miles: 3282
Much warmer today -- 60s and 70s.

I started the morning a great chat with Kathy and Judy who are part of a church group from Nevada visiting Harrison.

When I got on the road I was happy to ride a wide shoulder as well as see a sign reminding motorists to share the road -- bicycles are vehicles that can use the road too.

I passed by Harrison High School on the way out of town.

Happily the roads were pretty empty.

And I was able to ride some country roads.

With sweeping vistas of the surrounding land (after a bit of climbing of course).

Went by the Dew Drop Inn.

Also passed a soccer complex with about a dozen soccer fields. Just a few pictured here.

Entered Miami Township.

Yet more plastic bottle trash, this one from Costco. :-(

A bit of eroding bank is endangering this road.

But the scenery is relaxing.


Day 53 - Columbus IN to Harrison OH

Monday April 15, End of Day Total Miles: 3238
Today started quite chilly in the 30s and cloudy.
Here is Dan my host in Columbus. He and his family were fantastic and I got to see the first Game of Thrones season 8 episode with his son and friends the previous evening :-)

Shoulder a bit narrow after leaving town but rideable.

Lots of green cultivation.

Very glad the shoulder got very wide about 9 miles out.

Here is a Gatorade bottle I picked up. Lots of plastic trash on the road.

Although the highway had a great shoulder, I was happy to leave it to ride on this country road with almost no traffic.

Spring is sprung in this area with lots of flowering trees.

And other flowers.

Lots of woods too.

Some houses have super large lawns the size of soccer fields or bigger.

Lots of farming in this area.